Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turban or Turband

Coming soon post on Turban or Turband. Love/Hate relashionship with it.

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What do you say.......

                                                                   LOVE IT

                                                                        HATE IT

While in Miami I visited Arango Design Store!

If you happen to be in Miami. I suggest you stop over at Arango Design Store. It is located inside Dadeland Mall. Great shopping mall!

Just a tip if you stop at Macy's will able to apply for a 11% discount card (for visitors from other countries only). You can ask for it at the customer service desk.
They will only give it to you if you show them you passport.
Card not good for makeup or perfumes.

Well now to the Arango Store. Great store to pick up things for home. What ever you pick up at the store will generate a buzz between your friends.

Glass Tube Tealight Candle Holder

I saw some candle holders and I bought them. I am waiting for them to arrive.
They will look amazing on my dinning table! So happy.

You can place flowers or anything else you may want inside the tube to create a funky, elegant or seasonal look.

Since I was traveling I could not buy much more. But I felt in love with some of the things you see here.

Apollo fireplace


Bamboo placemats

Pocketweave placemats

Container (multipurpose)

Soap stones

Fruit holder

If you do stopbythe store show me some pictures. If you can't stop at the store you can buy the items on line.

If you like to do research I am sure that you will able to find the items over at other websites.

Happy hunting!!


Winter hats

I am a sucker for the colors camel and browns among others. They are great colors for winter time and I could not resist getting a camel hat. I got it over at H&M. I am going to change it a bit. I will post pictures soon.

Since camel is one of my fav colors why not leave you with a pic of pieces for you to look at.

I will be posting pictures of some other ones that I have soon.


Friday, November 18, 2011

How to wear a Hat

I am loving the hat trend. Here are some tips on how to wear them.