Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I am starting to blog because a dear friend suggested me to do it.
I am very excited about the blog. I have been thinking about it but I haven’t had the time to do it.
I have been extremely busy but here I go. Another project in the making!

You maybe be asking yourself. Why is she getting into it if she sounds so busy? Well my work does not let me express my creative, dreamer side and I can’t take it any longer.
I think the blog maybe a good way to express my ideas. I have many of them but we all have to start somewhere.
I have decided to take advantage of the upcoming holiday season. I love many things about them. They bring me great memories.
Many years ago I worked organizing and catering parties (sweet 15, birthdays,  baby showers, Bat Mitzvah, Christmas, Thanksgiving parties among others).

It was then that I realized that I liked working not only with peolple but also to organize, resolve conflicts and most of all decorating the rooms and buffets and belive me it took some skills.
During a party all happens so fast. One minute you are setting up the room and when you look again the people are dancing and having a good time or the bride and groom are trying to sneak out.
It does not matter if you are entertaining your family, friends or if you have to organize your own wedding or baby shower. You can always add a personal touch and make it special.

Thanksgiving is coming up. I am in Europe now and they don’t celebrate it here but I hope I can give you some ideas that can help you enjoy it with your loved ones.

Let’s say it is Thanksgiving night at your place. You are probably thinking. Oh My God!!How am I going to entertain them and look my best?
First don’t panic!!!

Thanksgiving is on a Thursday and If were in the US the day before would be a normal work day for me. So hurry get a note pad and start with your TO DO list.

We don't want to end up like her.


Our goal is to end up like her.


Hair: Get it done the night before. You should  cover it with a hat or have it up on a pony tail. It all depends in the size of your kitchen. 

Make up: Keep your make up natural is Thanksgiving. Leave the drama for December 31.

Accessories: Lay them down next to your outfit.

Perfume: Dont' forget it. They say a lot about the person that wears it. Besides you dont't want to smell like you just came out of the kitchen.
Outfit: Remember! Shop your closet. Lay it all down.

Dress shabbily and they remember the Dress.
Dress impeccable and they remember the Woman.
Coco Chanel

Shoes: I love high heels but it is up to you.

Here are some ideas. From J Crew and H&M.

Main course meal: Think ahead go to the market with a "LIST" and buy "ALL" that you are going to need before you start cooking : )

Don't complicate yourself. Remember you are cooking therefore you decide what you are going to be serving : ) I know is turkey day but some people don't like it. So go for chicken instead if that is the case. The important thing here is to enjoy the time that you are going to be spending with your  family and friends.
Appetizers: Eggs (boil and cut in half) with shrimps (buy deveined shrimps. Boil water and cook them with a bit of salt. It only takes a few minutes to cook).
Use a tooth pick to stand the shrimp on top of the egg with pink sauce (mix mayo and ketchup, place it on top of the egg).
Jam, cheese, crackers or sliced bread. Salmon.
Raw vegetables, olives. You are done! You can get most of them ready the same day or the day before.

Dinner:  Salads (they come in a bag), toss some white onions, grape tomatoes, corn, a fancy vinegar and olive oil, salt and you are done), rice , mashed potatoes, corn bread. Turkey or chicken.

Here is a great recipe for the chicken.
Try to get as much organic food as you can.  Organic food is one of the best investments that you can do for yourself and your loved ones. You will love the taste. It is so much better.

You will need for 1 chicken (About 4- 6 serving) or turkey (for a turkey you will need twice as much)
               Shallots (1 small bag) if for some reason you cannot find them use yellow onions.
About 20-25 prunes
1 vegetable or chicken broth cube
1 cup of hot water
About 1 cup or ½  fingers of olive oil (olive oil makes a huge difference. Try it! ). I only use corn oil to make mayo.
A turkey baster to pour the sauce all over the chicken every 10-15 minutes.
Preheat your oven (roast). They are all different. I am sure you know yours but one chicken takes about 45 to 1.

Get you chicken ready. Remove the small bag that sometimes is left inside. I always wash the all chicken before I cook it.
Pour salt as desired. You should use a bit o it inside of it as well.
Chop the garlic and rube it on the chicken.
Clean the shallots and place them around the chicken. Cut them in half if you want to. They usually come in small bags. I use one per chicken (about 8-10)
Place a few prunes around the chicken as well.
Pour the oil on top of the chicken, shallots and the prunes. You need about 1 to 2 fingers max of olive. Use a normal roasting pan.

Place the chicken inside the oven. Wait until the oil starts boiling. It is then when you need that hot water (place the broth cube inside the cup and dissolve it).

Don’t take the chicken out of the oven. Try to do it all without removing it from it. But if you must you must.

I am sure you are starting to smell it. Wait until you taste it.

Well not you will need to use the turkey baster to pour that sauce over the chicken  at least every 10-15 minutes.  You will need to turn it a minimum of three times. Let it roast.

Dessert: Healthy fruit bruschetta. I can recommend: apples, pineapple (if you use the carver just cur the top if you are going to make squares you need need to clean it, strawberries, or any other type of big berries, oranges). You will need a small scoop fruit carver (if you dont have one cut squares)  and wooden skewers.
Cut the oranges and the berries. Once all of it is done stick on a wooden stick.  Cover them with plastic or foil paper.Strain powder sugar on top before you serve them.
I found a nice recipe that you I think is a good option if you want to cook the fruits.
The other option is to buy some butter cake (cut it in pieces), vanilla ice cream and chocolate in a bottle. They sale one that gets hard in contact with the ice cream I think it makes the dessert look a lot fancier. Strain powder sugar on top before you serve them.

For the kids

Drinks: Wine, water, beer, soft drinks among others. Set up the wine on the table. Use some fancy jars for the water. Softs drinks set them aside. Cut some lemon for the soft drinks.
Music: your choice. I love lounge, chill out, lemongrass, bossa lounge, electronica loung jazz. Here some samples. Check them out!

Table set up: You can keep it simple or you can get creative. Use what you have. Place cards with names for table stting. it will make it a lot easier on you.
Chairs & tables: I found that it is best to rent them (it all depends in the quantity that you are going to need). They are not as expensive as you think and they can deliver them or you can pick them up.

Plates, silverware, glassware and table covers (if not sure go for white) and nakpins:  If you need more you can ask a friend : ) or you can rent them.




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this is great patty im really gald u are doing this! u are such a great stylist for clothes and i love all the decorations and tips! cant wait for more!