Sunday, January 2, 2011

A black Chanel paper bag

I love Chanel. Who doesn't right?

I wanted to look for nice things for our homes and I picked a black Chanel paper bag as my inspiration.

Would any of them go with your current home decor? I hope they are of your liking.


Light Emitting Wallpaper by dutch designer Jonas Samson

Marteen Bass Smoke Chair

Acrylic Boutique Ottoman from Aaron R Thomas

Venetian Mirror Table

Philippe Starck Luois Ghost Chair

  Rococo Bed White. I like how the black and white looks together. Nice for a hotel room.

Stackable Acrilic Serving Tray

Lace Tape in White or Black

  Inside Out Chanpagne Glasses
Now you see what a paper bag can do to me. I must add it is not just any paper bag. Now just imagine what something inside of it will make me want for our homes.

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