Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bow on the back

I was happy when I saw the DIY project from Donattella 

Her ideas are easy to understand and accomplish. I am sure you will enjoy making your t-shirt.

She named her project

Bow on the back

Would you like a great "wow-factor" t-shirt
with about 20 minutes of work?
You've been served!

I made it last year and sure enough I'm going to wear it
over and over again this summer :)

It all begun with some internet browsing, and when I look for t-shirt inspiration,
the Red Valentino label is a great source. ...
Yeah, a bit excessive price tags, agreed.
This shirt was 255$... now on sale @ 178.50 on
What a joke!

image from collage by me
I had everything on hand:
* a grey t-shirt
* some black mesh
* a small piece of black silk for the bow
* my sewing machine

click on picture to magnify

* cut the back of the t-shirt in the middle, leaving about 3" at the top uncut
* round the edges (optional, the original doesn't have round edges)
* cut a piece of black mesh in a sort of triangular shape with a round base (the two extra parts sticking out at the bottom won't be necessary if you don't round the edges)
* place the mesh inside the shirt and pin the sides onto the side of the cut
* trim the excess mesh underneath
* make a bow and pin it with a safety pin (so you can easily remove it to wash your shirt)

... probably even less then 20 minutes, right?

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