Thursday, December 8, 2011

Leonor Designs is up an running

Some days ago I blogged about a business proyect that Chantal and I were working on.
Our dream has come true. We opened our little web shop today called Leonor designs (Leonor was my most beloved grandma, so in her honor we called the shop Leonor Designs).
We have many more beautiful and unique creations to upload.
Most of the creation are one of a kind and once they're gone their gone.
Our  creations are a mix of vintage and new semi precious stones.
Get your unique piece before the holidays.

Here is a little taste of what you will find in our web shop.

Hace unos dias hable acerca de un proyecto en el que Chatal y yo hemos estado trabajando.
Por fin nuestro sueño se ha hecho realidad. Ya tenemos blog se llama Leonor designs (Leonor era mi abuela y en su honor la hemos llamado asi).
Tenemos muchas mas cosas que vamos a estar incluyendo en el blog. Asi que visitanos cada vez que tengas la oportunidad de hacerlo.
Solo hacemos una o dos de cada una.
Visitanos para poder comprar la tuya.

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